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Not the other way around! Once more! Lights out! Put that chair in the right place! Come on! Put something under his head! Carefully, carefully. Boys, carefully. Put something under his head. A bit further, a bit further. Put something Bike Games wait, lift him up. Take the tie Bike Games Yes Bike Games Put him down, like that Bike Games You old idiot, you Bike Games Stop it! Stop it! Why did you return it? Stop it, please! Why did that fool return it? But what? He shouldn't have returned it! He shouldn't Bike Games It will make everyone laugh. It looks as if we had taken and eaten everything! Don't get excited, damn it. Give him a break! What break? He's an idiot and Bike Games and shouldn't have returned it. He did and we must deal with it. Let him have a rest and stop worrying! What are you going to do about it? We'll solve it somehow, but not by quarreling. I can't bear it, Joska Bike Games that scandal. What scandal are you talking about? It will shame the whole fire brigade. Don't quarrel! It's hopeless. Shut up! I'll tell you something. If you were in the same situation, you would have returned it too, because you're honest. Never! In this situation, never. Remember that. The good name of the fire brigade means more to me than any honesty, you pighead! The name of the fire brigade Bike Games I'll tell you what our good name depends on. Our good name depends on how we handle the lottery. What are we going to do about it? That's quite clear. What's clear about it? To you everything is clear. Of course. What will you do? The lottery has been stolen. Gentlemen, there is one fact: If the people stole it, they cannot win it. Don't talk like that, Joska. What about those people who bought the tickets honestly and didn't steal anything? They should have stolen. Whoever didn't steal must understand it as if he just didn't win anything. Stop this nonsense. Something else is at stake. What should we do with those who stole and did not buy any tickets? That is really sleazy. That's impossible.
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