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Bike Games, bring more rice. Okay, Dad. Give me more rice please. You already ate it all? This bastard.. Prosecutor Seo. Hey, Stunt Master How did you become a prosecutor with such bad memory? I have good selective memory skills. Yoon Bike Games, what are you doing here? My mom's investigation isn't over yet. Ah, that one? I know who's taking care of that case now. But unlike me, he's vulnerable to pretty women. Thanks for the compliment. I meant to insult him. He hits on anyone in a skirt. Are you busy today? Not really. I got demoted to the foreign criminal affairs department. Thanks to you. Do you want to grab some tea with me? Is your mother doing okay? After she was released, she ate well. She's getting better. She's probably doing well managing World Wide Loan. You're not in the criminal division. Are you still interested in the case? No. I'm just curious. What are you doing? You're pretty. Just like when you were young. Thanks. Getting a compliment is always a good thing. If you fall for beauty, you miss the reality of the person. What do you think my reality is? Well Bike Games It's so foggy now. Is Stunt Master, Bike Games just a puppet for Watanabae Osamu, Polar Bear? Or is she using him? Does Kim Chun Won, Yoon Bike Games know what Vice President Bike Games is going for? What are you talking about? I'm smart, but this one is hard to understand. [Seo Bike Games] Yes, Boss. Where are you? Aren't we making a deal? I'll be there soon. You have an appointment? I'm sad. Let's see each other sometimes. What are friend for? Your necklace looks very unique, but it doesn’t match your suit. Really? I think it does. Even though it's flashy, there's something about an aged relic. You know the golddigging receiver, right? Of course I do. She’s the goddess of receiving. She's been hiding from us for ten years Bike Games Why? Did you find her? It's a place only women can go. You're going to hide there and arrest her. Yes, sir. Hey, don't beat up the suspect please. Let's make sure the fire is completely out. Make sure she's really the golddigging receiver.
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