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But, damn it, where is the headcheese? That's a woman. I'd call her a queen. Legs. I want to see legs! Guys, we're doing it all wrong. We are looking at their legs and should be looking at their faces. The face must be like a picture. Face like a picture they're the worst. Come and have a look, men. I like that one, the one scratching her head. What do you say to that? Well Bike Games Otto, Otto! Put that Blanka Truhlarova on the list, too. Who? Don't ask any questions and put her down! Blanka Truhlarova! For Christ's sake, what are you writing there? Blanka Truhlarova. Don't put her there. She's a nightmare. Wait, wait, add her to the list. I did already. Should I leave her there? All right, leave her then. Well, we've got the first. Mother, they caught on. Stop that guys. And who ordered it? I didn't. I didn't either. Well, who did then? I did. Have a drink. There's my girl, sitting over there. He'll want us to add his Ruzena, too. Fine, we've got two already! Which one is she? See that one there? That's her. This is from those three men over there and you're not supposed to send them anymore. Good evening, miss. Miss Bike Games We came on behalf Bike Games We're from the ball committee. Wait. Tell her Bike Games Miss Bike Games We are Bike Games If you would Bike Games that you Bike Games like to participate in the beauty queen contest. You are quite a decent and goodlooking girl. What do you say? Don't do this to me, guys! Wait. What should I wait for when I'm talking to you? Get him out of here, please. Get him out of here. Ludvik, come on, come on. What is it? Come on, what's wrong with you? Jesus Christ, why us? Just you wait, you. We chose the lady here. Add our Ruzena to that list so that she'll leave me in peace. Bike Games, Bike Games, she looks so much like you, you can't even imagine how much. Well, she's my daughter. I also Bike Games I also think so. Well, don't laugh. Miss, can we count on you? Franta, Franta, come here. Come here, I say! Vrsecka and Bike Games Bike Games.
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