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I never knew what good looking girls we had. We've got three already. Franta, don't bullshit, just write. What's her name? Vrsecka and Bike Games. Otto! That Blanka I told you, cross her out! What for? A moment ago you told me to put her down. And now I'm telling you to cross her out Bike Games definitely. What should I do then? Cross her out? Don't cross out anything! But she said "cross her out"! Damn it, what do you want? Well, cross her out then. All right, I'll cross her out. I watched. You didn't! I did! It wasn't my fault. It was yours! Well, that one there Bike Games Well, Ludvo, Ludvo, will you stop annoying me? Frantisek, I won't until you take our Ruzena. I can't believe it, mother. You're so dumb, so dense. They're the ones stealing it, damn it. It's them! Well, you'll see. Leave me alone. Don't touch me. Stop it. I tell you, stop it. Go away. Will you all please go away? Don't stand there! What, don't you understand the Czech language? What kind of discipline is this? Go away! I know a nice castle inn the vineyard, brook and forest is whispering there I know a nice castle inn now it's called paradise Near Kokorin, near Kokorin I like to drink a bottle of wine Near Kokorin, near Kokorin is Catherine And Catherine knows how to make love A quick barmaid, cleverly making her way Refusing everyone, she knows what to do As soon as I enter, she looks at me The world turns round and it's already May Near Kokorin, near Kokorin I like to drink a bottle of wine Near Kokorin, near Kokorin is Catherine Cmarada! Is that you? Well, Cmarada! Kavrik! Kavrik! Miss, we are from the entertainment committee and we came to ask you whether or not you would participate in the beauty contest Bike Games well, that Bike Games competition Bike Games that competition Bike Games What do you want? Whether you would like to enter the beauty contest. See? Wait. What is it, gentlemen? What do you want? Well, wait, is this your girl? Come on! Wait, wait, wait, we'll explain! Go on, explain then.
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