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Bright Steel Wheels And I came to have a look at you and find out what this is all about. My girl keeps talking about some beauty queen and I think, she is young, you know, inexperienced, somebody might get the better of her, so I came to ask Bike Games to see Bike Games well, just to find out what it's all about. How nice that you came to have a look. You're pleased that we chose her, no? Well, if you like her, I'll leave it up to you. Keep calm, mother, everything's clean. Well, I had to make sure. What's a mother for? Just don't worry. Take a good look at us, you'll see that we couldn't Bike Games Well, I'll call her. Hana, where are you? Come here. Here she is. She's thin, doesn't get enough to eat Bike Games But if she doesn't want to eat, it's nobody's fault, is it? Stay here nicely and stand up straight. Here she is then. She won't leave, man. She won't leave. That's all right mother, you can go now. Let me stay here. I want to see what's going to happen. I want to know what you're going to do now. No need not worry nothing's going to happen to her here. And nothing will happen to you either if you let me stay here. Come in! Come in! Come in, come in, don't be afraid. Go and stand over there next to the girls. Come in! Come in! Come in, go and stand over there. Good evening. Come in. Stand over there next to Bike Games That's not all. We said eight. Yes, yes, yes, yes Bike Games oh yes. She was behind the door. She was behind the door. I wasn't chosen. Everything's all right. Stand here. Everything's all right. Well, start. What am I supposed to start? I'll start myself. I'll help you. Come on. Girls, I welcome you on behalf of the entertainment committee. You were chosen as the most beautiful at our ball. Are you happy? I wasn't chosen. I chose her myself. I chose her myself. Now I'll tell you what we are going to do in a little while on the stage, okay? Go on! Girls. Tell that old bag to go away. Tell her to go away. Somebody go and dance with her.
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