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Look here, is this your girl? We want to ask her to enter the beauty queen competition. Stop it. Stop it. But wait. Go on, man. Explain! That's what I'm trying to do. Explain. I am already explaining for the second time. Don't touch me! Let him explain! Let me explain! Go to hell! I'll show you "shit on the fire brigade" you hooligan! Leave him alone, Franta! Yes, Zindulka! You never even crossed my mind, man. But Bike Games You're back from the army already? Well, Zindulka Bike Games well Bike Games what do you know! What are you doing there? Damn it, I can't find that paper, that piece of paper with the list of the girls. Miss, get out of there and be quick about it! Come on! I tell you, get out of there! I'll have to call someone and that would mean trouble for you, unnecessary trouble. Please, come out, will you? What are you looking for in my bag? What business is it of yours what I've got there? And why did you pull it out from under the table? Everyone is stealing here and you only watch, you old honest idiot. Vrsecka. Vrsecka. Vrsecka! No, that one was really ugly. Well, we crossed her out, too. Bike Games Bike Games Yes, Bike Games, put her down, Bike Games, well Bike Games All right, but in that case we've only got one. Write her down Bike Games Bike Games. I'll write her down. Yes, but now we've only got two. Well, what is it, what is it? Could I step out now? Step out now? Wait. Voting for the beauty contest is supposed to take place now. Yes, that's just it Bike Games I don't know, I don't know Bike Games I'm afraid I might do something wrong, you know Bike Games Wait. Perhaps nothing will happen if you come back right away. Thank you, but in that case I prefer to hold on. Attention please! Attention please! I ask all the chosen candidates for the beauty queen contest Bike Games all these comrades should come to the room behind the bar. I repeat: behind the bar! Come in! Stand over there by the wall. Don't worry they'll improve, they'll improve. Good day. I'm the mother.
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