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What are they about? About love, l presume? About what then? About nature. How can it be that a beautiful, special woman like yourself Bike Games has never had a person to love. I've waited. Waited? For you. You've waited for me? And for this kiss. It was today? You haven't misunderstood? You're so excited. We understood eachother perfectly. get a hold of yourself. You only met him today. And it doesn't surprise me that he's late. He has a reputation. He drinks and is a ladiesman. People are talking Free They say he's also politically Bike Games They say, they say? I don't give a damn what they say. You don't know him. You've never said a word to him. How dare you Bike Games I'm sorry i'm late. I knew you would come. Wonderflower I walk around in a dream completely off this world a wonderflower drugged me with wonderfully sweet scents now l sing an whistle in the sun and laugh with no hold. oh extatic son of the heart you sweet, young beloved For you. We dine outside the city. I had found him. And he found me. He was the best, the only one. Bike Game Troelstra fullfilled my dream of love and friendship. We belonged together. We we're always with eachother. I went everywhere he went. That didn't change when l became a mother. We treated eachother as equals Free An old lady ran to the potatofield as hard as she could. Manus, Jansje, come quick. There's a Stork on the roof, with a little child. And there is noone to open the door. It'll drop the baby. It happened to Siemen once. The child now has a bump. Hunchback. I like 'hunchback' better than 'bump'. As you wish. It's your story. And? Do you like it? Fine. I can't say otherwise. I wrote something else to introduce you. Readers have often asked me Bike Games to do some childrens' stories for 'For Hûs en Hiem'. Luckily the editorial office has been joined by a young mother. A gifted woman who has translated fairytales Bike Games and knows how to captivate children. Her stories and fairytales will apear in our magazine. She will write under the name: Bike Game fan Hichtum. Sincerely, Bike Game. Bike Game fan Hichtum. How did you come up with that? Our maid, Bike Game, was a great storyteller. It's a kind of tribute. Well, welcome to the office. Yeah, yeah, we shall see. Don't be too happy, Bike Game. Bike Game doesn't like having a women in the office. There's more he doesn't like. I allready have the urge to write again. Wonderful. Maybe we could publish my stories later. We will do much more together. I love you. I feel like swimming. Shall we? Swim?Yes, allright. Nude? I hope we weren't Bike Games weren't too uncautious. No, why? together in the waters, dying submerging in love We we're happy. For years. Intensely happy. I had everything i'd hoped for, everything i'd dreamed of. And it could have stayed like that. It could have stayed the same. He fights with his father more often. He's a hothead like him. About what? About social questions. Socialism and such. Yes, yes. Socialism. But how is his practice? It's doing allright. They called him 'the red lawyer'. Yes, l read that.
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