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He doesn't visit Korea anymore? Haven't you heard from him? He's so busy with his business in Japan. I will invite him to Korea later. What's with Watanabe Osamu? The moment I got attacked, I put the puzzle together. The Polar Bear is Watanabe Osamu. So? I was wondering. This means you've been working on taking over Golden Group with him for a while. And you're still doing it? If I were you, I would have taken over Golden Group already. Why did you talk about him in front of your grandma? There's no reason. But you got me the other day. Be careful. If you point a gun at me again, I don't know what I'll do next time. You know I have a big mouth. Something smells fishy. What kind of secret is hiding by locking his phone? What are you doing? I'm going through the change of life. My back hurts, and I have a fever. It's killing me. I'm going to take a shower. Sure. There's something Bike Games A woman's intuition is really sharp. Even if you have a lot of emotional baggage, don't go towards the darkness. That's all I want. You're someone I cherish very much. Mom. You scared me. What's wrong? Mom, I did it. I can get Golden Group's share from Seo Bike Games! What? He said he needs a cash urgently. Mom, we need ten billion won. Hey, we don't have that much money right now. With that, we can get all the shares he has. Still, I need Polar Bear's permission to do that. You're doing his work instead. Let's just do it without telling him. How is that possible? He’s not a dummy boss. He's in the hospital anyway. All you have to do is talk Lawyer Hwang into this. We can't trust Polar Bear nor Seo Bike Games. This is an opportunity from the heavens, and we're going to take it. Bike Games Hey, Games. The prosecutor you were with last night Bike Games He's the grandson of Golden Group, isn't he? Yeah. You recognized him by looking at him? I couldn't recognize him at first. At first? I met him while working on the case together. Bike Games, do you have to be a cop, putting yourself into danger? I'm home. You're back. What are you two doing? You should go to bed.
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