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It's late. Dad, I went to the fish market, and I felt so happy. Did you? I knew it. Then why don't you Bike Games But Dad. I can't quit being a cop. Why not? Revealing the truth for you was the reason I became a cop. But I have to find Young Won. With Chief's help, I went to every adoption center and orphanage in the country. But I still couldn't find him. If he's not here, he might have been adopted to a foreign country, Dad. This is the date he got for me. He tried so hard to get it for me. The data on adopted kids who are in other countries. Bike Games Bike Games I have to stay in the police office to get help like this. Until I find Young Won, I can't just quit this. Mister, the window is open. Put all the stuff through the window. Then you can go. Okay. Aren't you going to watch him doing it? There's nothing for him to steal. And my belly wants some food so badly. You're still alive. Dad, I'm going to pass out any minute. Sure. Let's go eat. Let's go. Where are we going? Where are you going? Who are you? Don't you know me? No, I don't. I'm Uncle Bike Games. Do you know me? What are you saying? You're Yeol Won, aren't you? I can recognize you. You grew up a lot! Look how tall you got. Are you moving your stuff now? I hired some men to do it for me. He's Bike Games. You saw him the other day, right? Say hello to Uncle Han Joo. Hi. How are you? It's food! Hey, what are you doing? We left from the old house at dawn. He goes crazy if he goes three hours without food. You probably couldn't eat. It'll take time for them to unpack. Join us. Is it really okay for us to join your breakfast? I'm sorry for bothering you first thing in the morning. It's okay. I'm glad you moved here. You met Uncle Bike Games and his wife, right? Yes. I heard she got plastic surgery. You got so much prettier. That’s what I meant. I'm not eating. Say hello. You're Bike Games, aren't you? I can recognize you right away. You haven't changed a bit. You're still pretty. Yeah. Who is that tall guy? I'm Games. Look at those muscles. So cool. You're so handsome! Have a seat.
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