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Where? Here. And it isn't there? Look for yourself. You can see that it's gone. That's impossible. It was right here, see? Did you really put it there? Of course I did! I've been here the whole time. It's not my fault. There was nobody here. You didn't watch it. I did. You did not! I'm telling you that I did watch! What were you watching? I don't know what you watched there, but you weren't watching here! Don't shout at me! I Bike Games I am not shouting! You call this shouting? I am telling you quite calmly, aren't I? You did not watch. The bottle is gone! I should think Bike Games How silly. Wait a minute. We have to make our minds up whether we are going to take two or ten or twelve or six. Eight. Eight? Eight. Yes, but they must be the most beautiful we have. Remember. I understand. I understand. Do it then. The most beautiful girls we have here. We can't see anything from here, guys. We'll have to go to the balcony to see real busts. Vaclav, look, I only called you because I had a bottle of cognac here. Mother and I were watching it carefully and now the bottle's gone. Just look. And where is it? That's why I am calling you, so that people wouldn't think it was us Bike Games that we Bike Games you know Bike Games that we pinched it. But Josef Bike Games Where is that headcheese? What headcheese? There was a headcheese here. Well, there was a chocolate ball here, you know, that was here, but no headcheese, Vaclav. Vaclav, well, really Bike Games I was here. No, there was definitely no headcheese. No! And where is that chocolate ball? Don't talk. Wait a minute. Chocolate ball Bike Games Chocolate Bike Games Mother, come here. There was a chocolate ball here. What ball? A chocolate ball! There was no chocolate ball. I tell you Bike Games there was Bike Games You are making it up, man! Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Perhaps there was a headcheese. Vaclav, you know you're right. It was a headcheese. Well, that's all right, then. Excellent. Everything is all right.
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