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Even if you have a lot of emotional baggage don't go towards the darkness. That's what I want. You're someone I cherish so much. Han Joo. You should go. I don't want the kids to see you here. Hey, where have you been on your first day back to work? I went to visit Prosecutor Bike Games. He wasn't that hurt according to the news. You didn't have to go visit him. You make me nervous just by walking around. Report to me where you're going. Chief, do you want me to lighten your burden? Should I just quit? Stop saying crap and take this. What's this? It's data about domestic and international adoption over the past fourteen years. If you can't find him in this country, he might be in another country. Chief. I didn't have time to find everything. Dude, what's so good about being a cop? We find people even if they're a suspect or a missing person. If we can't find him, we can get more. Autumn Bike Ride Bike Games Hey, what are you doing? I'm a married man. Prosecutor! What is it? What is it? If you got demoted, you should work harder to regain your position. You can't just take a nap. What? Hey, I'm a patient! Nobody tells a patient to work. I must be crazy. Why did I follow this man? I should've stayed at the police office. Don't say that. This job is kind of a blow off, you know. You can make money easily if you work for this department. Stop. Should I throw away this data? What data? Data about world wide loan. It's useless now, isn't it? No. Give it to me. Autumn Bike Ride He looks kind of familiar to me. He doesn't live in the zoo, does he? You have an amazing son in law here. In Japan it's common for the soninlaw to live with his wife's family. He will do his best to make the company grow. Aren't I right, Bike Games? Yes. Watanabe Osamu! It was him! You're amazing, Father. What are you saying? They can't lend ten billion won to CEO of Golden Group? What? It's Bike Games's order? Just die being a puppy to her! Hey. I looked through all the information you gave me. And I know what you're worried about.
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