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Yeah? Is something bothering you? Bike Games, is there a place I can borrow money from? How much? About ten billion won. Yes, there is. Really? There really is? Your share for this company. With that as your security, you can borrow money. I know. Any bank and loan company would lend me money with that. But the problem is interest. I think somebody can loan you money without any interest. Really? I have a lot of connections. If I can loan you money with that condition, will you buy me a drink? With that condition, buying you a drink is nothing. Hi, Grandma Bike Games I mean, Bike Games. I read your report. You're a smooth talker. Can you cover billion worth of loss with that plan? I'm going to try. I'll make up the loss. Who is she? She's a new legal advisor. You think the company has come to this because we don't have a legal advisor? But she's very talented. Hello. My name is Yoon Bike Games. Sure. Whatever. What did you say your name is? Bike Games. Yoon Bike Games. Bike Games? What's wrong? Nothing. I betrayed you and committed unforgettable sins against you. I love you. I regret I never told you this before. I know it's so shameless for me to say this, but I like you a lot. Father, I'm back. Hey, did you catch a lot of fish? Yeah. I did! Let's go take a look. You caught a lot. Where did you get this? At the West Sea. Where in the West Sea? Do you know Beok Jeok Island? I got them there. Aren't you taking my order? Sure. Dad, I'll be back. He caught pacific saury in the West Sea? Nobody can catch saury in the West Sea Bike Games Yep. It's going to take about minutes. Okay. We have two rice porridge for to go. Okay. This minimum wage gig Bike Games I don't know if I can last until spring with this much. I'm doing work for my family. Please help me. I won again! It's because I work for my family! No, no. Don't touch my hand! I should be protected by government. Don't you think so? Pajamas for you, Dad. I heard a son should buy his father pajamas with the first pay check he gets. I want you to wear it and feel warm. Thanks.
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  1. wow .... look impressive , wish I could do that
    teefury , redbubble , threadless.


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